Today was the Farewell for the 3rd year Batch. Since in their 4th year, only half of them will be in campus at a time (Others will be doing PS), hence the farewell now. Some of the people I’ll really miss next year…

Vandith PSR

I still remember sitting in the audi when in between a dance performance, another guy with a good built & a funny look on his face, came to the stage. Another way to add humor to the dance, I thought. How wrong I was. I was astonished to see him dance way better than all others on the stage. Not just one dance performance, but many. The same person guided me before the Waves Interview, explaining about everything in the campus. He was there to always help us out in our Event Coordi meetings, and to cheer us in our Drama performances. But what I’ll remember him for is the person within him, the friendly & thoughtful Vandith inside him. Be it waking him up early morning or watching him give others ‘THE HUG’ or feeling dazed after his random camera flash, it was a great time I spent with him. Really miss you bhaiya!

Akhil S

Others know him as the Mime Club Coordinator or Senior Member of Waves OrgCo. I know him as the ‘PODA Bhaiya’! One of the few seniors who knew when to work & when to do time-pass, it became a ritual between us both to greet each other by saying ‘Poddaaaaaa!!!’ [Poda means Go Away in Malayalam]. Had amazing fun working with him!

Manasa Di

The first (& only) female member of Waves OrgCo, she was one hardworking senior. She taught me that work comes before self. Apart from single handedly doing work of a lot of people [The whole Info Mangement team to say the least], she was the one who would continue working even when everyone was in the audi watching some big event. Kudos to you!

Abhinav Lakhotia

While editing, I just realized a big mistake - Where’s Abhinav Bhaiya??!! Though I wrote about him in the rough draft, I dunno how it got missed in the final post. Abhinav bhaiya were one of the most animated yet ‘always willing to work’ type member of the Event Coordi. Without him, there would have been no jokes on Rahul (RaSh senior), no fights on lame topics with Vandith (These were fun!) & no sarcastic comments about OrgCo (yeah yeah… hamare kehane se kya hota hai.. Decision to OrgCo legi!). His comments always kept the mood light. But when it came to work, he was the first one to start & the last one to leave, always making sure everything was completed properly. Thnx to him, we got more chairs back than we had given! And not to forget, he tought me one thing - To keep your cool in high-pressure situations! Great Work bhaiya!

Purnoor Singh Sodhi

He is one great guy. His PJs are getting better day by day (you would know if you saw his messages!) Apart from being busy with lots of Reports & studying in the Library, you’ll always find him doing masti & keeping the mood light! It was fun hanging out with him!!

Angad Singh Gill aka cOBlaze

The 1st 3rd yearite I met, thanks to President, BITS n BYTES, yet very down to earth and always willing to interact with the juniors. He guided me a lot on what to learn, how to utilize free time etc. PS - Knows alot about Planes!!

Drama Club Seniors

Hareesh, Nikhil Gakkhar, Anirban, U. Siddharth, Upneet Arora, Bharath, Shuchita… The hardwork of these 3rd yearites made what Drama Club is today. Be it the guidance of Hareesh, stupid comments by Gakkhar, Serious suggestions by Anirban or Double meaning jokes by the innocent looking USid, we’ll miss it all!!

DOSM Seniors

Rahul Parsani, Aditya Rao & Piyush Dhanuka… I’ll never forget Parsani… not because he was the ‘Chief’ Coordinator of DOSM but because he came to 2nd floor of my hostel in the start of 1st year to rag juniors!! And Rao for his amazing personality & Piyush for his friendlyness… It was great working with them!

Thanks to all the seniors for what they gave us all… Kudos to you all!!

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