One of my favorite ways to bug everyone, is to scream this whenever someone mixes the terms font and typeface. So much, that I ended up making this quick poster for a friend:

Poster: It’s not a font!
Poster: It’s not a font!

Of course, it would be wrong to not explain the difference. The best explanation comes from Norbert Florendo:

Font is what you use, and typeface is what you see.”

Another one, added by Nick Sherman on this thread, goes:

“The way I relate the difference between typeface and font to my students is by comparing them to songs and MP3s, respectively (or songs and CDs, if you prefer a physical metaphor).”

As always, there’s this comment on a Typophile thread that covers this & many more terms (like type, type family, glyphs etc).

So the next time someone uses these terms incorrectly, you know what to do. (Scream at them, of course!)

Have a great year ahead! :)