Another sem passed, and what followed was something I always hate doing - Saying Good bye. Half of the 4th year batch, said good bye to the campus, and will be now heading for PS (PS=Practise School, ie. Internship).

This batch has been the most talented one till now, responsible for starting nearly every big club/deptt (and making other things BIG!) I got a chance to work with some of the best people I’ve ever met, and they’ll always continue to inspire me.

Anyway switching from the “senti” mood, here’s a sketch of the two seniors I’ll miss the most, Vandith Bhaiya & Manasa Di. (I had to settle for a digital version after ruining a pen sketch :X) Both were members of the Waves Organizing Committee, and have taught me much more than just organizing a fest.

Quick sketch of Vandith, Manasa di & me
Quick sketch of Vandith, Manasa di & me

A few other seniors who are leaving are Piyush (Waves), Abhinav Lakhotia (Waves), Upneet (Drama), Parsani aka Chief (Spons) and Aditya Rao (Spons).

A formal Farewell was given last year to the whole batch (And I wrote about a few of them in my Farewell post), and now they’ll be off to different parts of India (And abroad) for their PS.

Best of luck to all of you! Will miss you!

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