Project Brief

What if art used computers not just as a tool, but as a collaborator?

Project Context

  • Type: Self-initiated side-project
  • Duration: Whenever inspiration strikes!
  • My role: Creative coding in P5.js

About the project

Data.n.coded emerged from a need to have a dedicated space for my generative & data art experiments in P5.js. I started a separate Instagram account to post daily creative coding experiments, & also document other data viz related events & workshops I was involved with.

The name is a play on how most of my work use data & are coded, and all data art projects explore novel ways of data-[e]ncoding.

The first few experiments were theme-based: starting with recreating work of popular artists, exploring popular creative coding concepts — like Truchet tiling aka 10PRINT, and playing with constraints. Wherever possible, I added interactivity or an element of data.

You can explore these on the project’s Instagram profile, or play with these in P5 editor.